Road Marking Tape

High performance durable reflective pavement marking tape. High tensile; Weather resistance; Self-cleaning.

Product information

Vantac pavement marking tape is pre-made with synthetic rubber. It has good flexibility and high tensile strength with the surface coated with 1.5 index glass-beads that has good retro-reflectivity at night. With high performance coatings on the tape, it has a strong anti-friction ability. The bottom is coated with a strong and weather resistant adhesive which improves the adhesion between road surface and tape.

         Items Values Units Test methods
           Color VW-white VY-yellow
     Overall Thickness 1.5 1.5 mm ASTM-D-4325
    Retro-reflectivity 250 175 mcd·m-2lx-1 ASTM-D-4061
     Water Resistance Pass Pass GB/T24717
     Alkali Resistance Pass Pass GB/T24717
       Abrasion Test 30 30 mg GB/T24717
          Adhesion 16 16 N/25mm GB/T24717
      Skid Resistance 45 45 BPN ASTM-E-303

Standard Dimension:

  • Standard length : 33m, 50m
  • Standard width : 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 40cm, 45cm; or according to customer’s requirements.

  • Available color: white, yellow, red, blue, black