VANTAC GROUP is committed to provide innovative and cost-effective road safety solutions

Vantac Group is a professional manufacturer of road marking, traffic safety, and professional pavement products. In addition to our headquarters and factory in Vancouver Canada, two offices in Guangzhou and Chengdu China, we serve clients in more than 20 countries.

At Vantac, we are committed to provide our clients innovative and cost-effective road safety solutions, global scale, and technology independence with an extensive partner.

Mark Nicholes
CEO & Founder


Road safety can be improved in various ways to reduce the possibility of an accident occurring.
At VANTAC GROUP, we are committed to provide our customers cost-effective traffic safety products and innovation road safety solutions. Together we can create safer roads.

As a local manufacture, strict production process and high degree of flexibility enable us to manufacture not only high standard line, but also custom-made products for road marking needs quickly and efficiently.

We focus on customer satisfaction and technological innovation.
Our core values are trust, passion and be committed. We are always close by.

Industry-leading Technology 90%
Competitive Pricing 100%
Customer Satisfaction 95%
Innovative Technology 90%