VANTAC Max-Line® Spray Cold Plastic 982 is methacrylate based durable pavement marking material. This product consists of several colors lead free products tailored for specific application equipment. All provide exceptional retro-reflectivity and longevity at an attractive cost per userful life. Max-Line Spray Cold Plastic 982 provides outstanding adhesion to both concrete and asphalt and can be surface applied or inlaid for even greater durability.

We provide MMA for the following applications:

1. Continuous Line

2. Poster Pattern (Splatter)

3. Area Marking

4. Profiled Marking

Vantac Max-Line Spray Cold Plastic 982 are two component products designed for spraying at thicknesses from 20 to 110 mils depending on the type and mixing ratio. Spray is accomplished by using automated equipment designed to proportion by volume or weight. The liquid catalyst (Part B) is blended into the methacrylate base (Part A) prior to the spray gun or spray tip.
Max-Line Spray Cold Plastic 982 formulations are available in 98:2, 4:1 and 1:1 ratios. Application equipment is usually ratio specific. This product is also designed to be used for new or maintenance long line installation, intersection markings, and inlaid applications.
Max-Line Spray Cold Plastic 982 is a cost effective durable traffic marking that will provide years of delineation and retro-reflectivity.


  • – Skid resistance adjustable means no slip-on crossings and centerlines
  • – Minimum road closure and downtime
  • – Reduced traffic jam
  • – Visibility


  • – MMA road marking shows excellent adhesion on asphalt and concrete roads


  • – Fast curing time means high daily output
  • – Excellent longevity means cost efficiency


  • – Almost free from VOC emission
  • – Longer durability means less material consumed and applied in the long run
  • – Less traffic interruption